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Zac Denham

General Manager

A former musical theatre actor turned restaurateur, Zac hails from the great state of Louisiana. After spending several years working around the country as a professional actor, in 2014, Zac took the leap in the New York food scene and quickly climbed his way up the ranks in restaurant management. Zac credits his conservatory training as his best tool when it comes to successfully running a restaurant and with working large groups of people. Since joining the Talde team, not only has he elevated the service and small details around the restaurant, but Zac has also taken ownership of making new relationships with various organizations and groups from all around the area, as well as pushing the envelope with in-house programming, as well. Zac takes pride in the growth of the 8 Erie location over the last year, and is very much looking forward to expanding and continuing to push the boundaries of the menu that continues to make Talde a true culinary experience in Jersey City.